Custom transforms with indicesΒΆ

Another invaluable feature of FFCV transforms is that, by assigning the with_indices property of the transformation function (so below, by setting corrupt_fixed.with_indices=True), we get access to a third transform argument that contains the index of each image in the batch within the dataset. This feature makes it possible to implement transforms in FFCV that are not possible in standard PyTorch: for example, we can implement an augmentation that corrupts the labels of a fixed set of images throughout training.

class CorruptFixedLabels(Operation):
    def generate_code(self) -> Callable:
        parallel_range = Compiler.get_iterator()
        # dst will be None since we don't ask for an allocation
        def corrupt_fixed(labs, _, inds):
            for i in parallel_range(labs.shape[0]):
                # Because the random seed is tied to the image index, the
                # same images will be corrupted every epoch:
                if np.random.rand() < 0.05:
                    # They will also be corrupted to a deterministic label:
                    labs[i] = np.random.randint(low=0, high=10)
            return labs

        corrupt_fixed.is_parallel = True
        corrupt_fixed.with_indices = True
        return corrupt_fixed

    def declare_state_and_memory(self, previous_state: State) -> Tuple[State, Optional[AllocationQuery]]:
        # No updates to state or extra memory necessary!
        return previous_state, None

We provide the corresponding script to test the above augmentation here.